Welcome to the home of the Jard family business:
There are many elements that need to come together to create the perfect garden, whether you’re looking to make a private space just for you and your family, or a nice open garden for entertaining/hosting party’s. The Jard family have been doing this for a while and we know exactly how to work with you.

Our first step, before we do anything with your garden, is surveying what you’ve already got and discussing with you what you’d like to see. With our experience, we can help you realise your dreams within your budget – we know there’s nothing worse than having someone design something perfect for you, and then finding out that it’s way beyond your budget. We make sure that won’t happen by working with you every step of the way.

Once we know what you want, we really set to work. The first thing to do is clear the space if we’re going to make any major change. We do our best to preserve any features or assets you really like, so we can work around established trees or water features, and move and replant any plants you want to see in your new garden.

The next stage after we clear the space is landscaping. New paving, decking, fencing, any kind of water feature: these are the basics and we get them in first, and with the minimum possible disruption to your lives. This is really the most important step and shapes the entire way your garden will look, so we take pride in our work and do our best to deliver a quality job. We involve our clients at every step of the way in choosing the materials we work with, approving any alterations to the plan and working to accommodate your needs. We can even add areas for children to play where you won’t have to worry about grazed knees and bruised heads.

The final step is planting and pruning: the right selection of plants can really make your garden, and Matt has a great eye for the right colours and combinations to make the garden really pop with life. We’re experienced in siting plants to suit the climate and light conditions, etc, so you have no need to worry about whether your garden will thrive.

In addition to offering a service to completely transform your garden, we also offer a maintenance service, with discounts for gardens that we have designed and planted ourselves. If you don’t have a green thumb, that’s fine! We can come along and refresh your garden regularly and keep everything looking perfect – especially important in small city gardens where things can quickly begin to look bedraggled and really ruin the ambience.

Once we have your garden setup per your requirements we also offer a party planning service around were we always utilize your garden as the hosting area. In the past we have planned and executed on garden party’s accommodating 400+ people. The specific time where we had the contract for 400+ people was for an outdoor casino evening from the online casino Bethard Bonus Code and the Thai online casino happyluke th. where you will find bonuses that people can play for fun or real money. They had roulette tables and blackjack tables with real croupiers. The host of the party wanted us to put out real slot machines like the popular mega fortune and hall of gods slot including casino bonussen for people to play which we managed to fit into his existing garden without damaging it.

If you need advice or have some other garden related service questions feel free to contact us. Have a look at our latest event for https://freespinsnodepositnowager.com/ here. We’re experienced gardeners with a passion for the work, so feel free to get in contact. We can refer you to someone else even if we can’t help you!