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For some reason, we’ve received a few queries recently about the right conditions for rhododendrons so we thought we’d put out a bit of advice (and by the way, azaleas are from the same family and the same goes for them). They don’t like full sun or deep shade. Somewhere in your garden where they [Continue]

What about weeds?

Here’s something Grandma Jard used to say: “A weed is just a plant in the wrong place.” So one, if something looks nice where it is, you can probably leave it there! If everything looks good, it probably isn’t competing with the plants you already put there, and as long as you keep order, everything [Continue]

Moving A Shrub

The biggest question we get asked is how to safely move a plant without killing it. Aside from the obvious answer – ask us to come in and do it! – we can offer a few tips on this front. First: you have to pick the right time of year. Late winter or early spring [Continue]