Jardindex created the perfect open garden for FreeSpinsNoDepositNoWager.com launch party

freespinsnodepositnowager.comHere at Jardindex we are proud to work with a variety of prestigious clients. We specialize in landscape gardening for clients in Birmingham and the West Midlands, but we also create open garden spaces and do landscaping for events.

In recent months we were lucky enough to be approached by new startup casino FreeSpinsNoDepositNoWager.com. They offer an online casino platform that gives advice and online casino and slots reviews for UK players.

To celebrate the launch of their new casino platform, they wanted to have a garden party that all their staff and families would be invited to. We were happy to oblige and this turned out to be a fun venture for Jardindex in which we got to bring enjoyment and entertainment to this fantastic new company.

Improving the outdoor space of their new head office

FreeSpinsNoDepositNoWager.com has its head office not far from our own base. They have recently moved there, and the grounds are relatively barren.

As a result, they enlisted our services to firstly, landscape their grounds and make the outside space appealing. But secondly, they also wanted us to add some special features and create a specific area where the launch party could be hosted.

We set out to first address the barren outdoor space – there was literally nothing except some gravel areas and grass. But, FreeSpinsNoDepositNoWager.com wanted all their guests to try out all the different slots casino games they offer on their website. So we made sure this was possible.

An online casino game provider was also there to promote their newest slot. They created a real slot machine that all guest could try out

Next, we planted several small flower beds containing a beautiful array of flowers like honeysuckles, columbine, and kingcups. This added a splash of colour into the outside area and made everything look brighter.

Creating the perfect launch party for FreeSpinsNoDepositNoWager.com casino platform

Finally, to top it off, we decided to create a special flower display to represent the type of casino work that FreeSpinsNoDepositNoWager.com does. As mentioned, this company specialises in providing online casino advice and slot reviews.

To represent this theme, the flower display was carefully shaped into a slot machine and the FreeSpinsNoDepositNoWager.com logo! We were really proud of these creations and thought they looked fantastic.

The day arrives, and it is a huge success!

On the morning of the party, we made final preparations and added finishing touches to the garden. We also ensured that all the plants were watered, and the two personalized flower displays were in place.

The guests started to arrive, and they were overjoyed with how we had transformed the outdoor area. They also loved the flower displays we had made – the staff all took photos of our creations and they had a brilliant group photo surrounding their logo.

The day was a huge success, and the staff and their families celebrated the launch of their new Online casino platform in style.

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We would like to thank FreeSpinsNoDepositNoWager.com for giving us the opportunity to help make this special day such a success and also transform the grounds of their new offices. If you want to find out the latest online casino reviews and information on casino bonuses, slots and promotions, we wholeheartedly recommend checking out their website! This online casino platform offers exclusive casino bonuses and progressive jackpot slots at different online casinos in the UK.

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For some reason, we’ve received a few queries recently about the right conditions for rhododendrons so we thought we’d put out a bit of advice (and by the way, azaleas are from the same family and the same goes for them).

  • They don’t like full sun or deep shade. Somewhere in your garden where they get a little of both is great.
  • They thrive in acidic soils. Compost and oak leaves prepare the ground really well.
  • They need a lot of water. They have shallow root systems so make sure you water them when the topsoil is dry. If your plant isn’t flowering, it’s probably not getting enough water.
  • Plant them in late spring or early autumn.

What about weeds?

Here’s something Grandma Jard used to say: “A weed is just a plant in the wrong place.”

So one, if something looks nice where it is, you can probably leave it there! If everything looks good, it probably isn’t competing with the plants you already put there, and as long as you keep order, everything will be fine. It doesn’t matter whether your neighbour calls it a weed – if you like it, keep it. It clearly wants to grow there, which is more than you can say for a lot of other plants!

Secondly, if you look at something and it’s out of place – something you don’t recognise or something which spoils the pattern of your garden – then you know it’s a weed. No matter how rare it is or how difficult it might be to grow, you can feel totally justified in getting rid of it. (Though in some cases, you might want to try and move it to another part of the garden!)

We strongly believe that weeds are what you make of them so just go ahead and pull the ones you don’t like, and leave the ones you do!

Moving A Shrub

The biggest question we get asked is how to safely move a plant without killing it. Aside from the obvious answer – ask us to come in and do it! – we can offer a few tips on this front. First: you have to pick the right time of year. Late winter or early spring are ideal, though the ground can be too hard and the plants too busy surviving if there’s any snow or frost. In mild weather, though, it should be fine – and make sure you start before the plant really gets into its growing, flowering or fruiting season. You can often google that kind of information for an individual plant if you want to make doubly sure you’re moving it at the right time.

The next thing to do is prepare a new hole for the plant in question. Make sure it’s nice and big, because you need to accommodate not just the plant you can see, but also the root mass hidden below-ground. Don’t plant it too near other shrubs and plants, or you’ll just have to move it again. Make sure you prepare this hole for the new plant: chop up any solid masses in there, add plenty of organic material to give nutrients to the soil, maybe even buy and add some compost to give it a head start.

Now you need to dig up the actual shrub. Leave plenty of room around the stem – the bigger the root mass you can preserve, the happier the plant will be in its new home. You may have to chop through particularly long and thick roots, but try to preserve as much as possible. The best thing to do is get a sheet of something like hessian and wrap it around the root ball. That means you can remove it all in one piece and move some of the soil with the plant too.

As soon as you’ve done that, it’s time to move the plant or shrub. Put it in the new hole, fill up around it with fresh soil, and water it well.

And that’s our secret!